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Project implementation year: 2013

  • Lighting; Pa/Si

  • Acoustic treatment

  • Video systems (including 360-degree projection)

  • Full structural cabling design for providing digital transmission and full matrix switching of all audio/ video/ control signal

  • Dali based conventional lighting by signify (formerly Philips lighting)

  • Mikrotik + Cisco core network and WiFi

  • Bosch video surveillance and DVR systems

  • Samsung digital signage 

  • Dante based audio solutions by Yamaha/ Bosch/


Project implementation year: 2017

  • Delivery, Installation and Commissioning Of Bosch Si systems and audio pack ISO 4043 Interpretation booths for the Bulgarian EU Presidency

  • Consulting and Installation of

       L-Acoustics line Array System

  • Consulting and delivery of 100 sqm of 2.6 Indoor LED wall by Unilumin


Project implementation year: 2018

  • Learning center „St. Nedelia“ 

  • Technical design, equipment delivery, system integration and commissioning

  • Full matrix av solution for the new learning center in Sofia - 8 halls equipped with audio and video systems with full matrix switching.

  • Dante and hdbaset system with local control in each room

  •  Touchone room booking solution

  • Neets screen control (on/ off)

  •  Equipment by Roland, Sy, Panasonic, Audac, Xilica, Cue, Toa


Cibank / DZI/ UBB

Project implementation year: 2015 - 17

  • AV matrix switching by Roland / Sy

  • Hdbaset transmission of video signals

  • Bosch conference and si systems

  • Kramer via collaboration solutions

  • Shure/ Toa/ Audac mic + Pa systems

We sell




Project implementation year: 2018

  • AV system with full remote matrix switching and automatic projector turning on upon signal presence


  • Systems by Extron, Kramer, Roland, SY, Panasonic


Nova broadcasting group 

Project implementation year: 2015-17

      Project 1 - year 2015

  • Videowall by boardless Panasonic led screens + Dataton Watchout

  • Playout server

      Project 2 - year 2017


  • Dataton Watchout playout server for the new studio

  • Hdbaset transmission of video signals, remote control and diagnosis


Project implementation year: 2015-17

  • Project design and delivery of AV/digital signage/ room booking systems for their new premises

  • 35 Small conference rooms (room booking + video projection)

  • 2 Video conference rooms (Polycomp videoconferencing and Crestron control)

  • 1 Boardroom with Polycom sound structure, Extron video switching and Crestron audio plus Barco clickshare collaboration

  • 1 Multifunctional hall with HD baset distribution, Crestron control and audio and video matrix switching


  • All rooms are equipped with touchone (cue) room booking system and Crestron video distribution and control as well as Samsung digital signage. Full integration and commissioning according to company security policies.


Project implementation year: 2018

  • Crestron system delivery and integration (video and control systems)

  • Samsung touch displays

  • Extron switching

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